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The Moms to our puppies
(they are NOT for sale) 


​Meet Wisteria's Kissy.  She is 5½ pounds of babydoll faced, sugar sweetness!  This girl loves to give kisses.  She is a duel, internationally registered pedigree Yorkshire Terrier from Belarus, with an excellent, multi-grand championed lineage.  I am so proud and honored to have brought this little lady to the United States to be a part of our program.


Meet Wisteria's adorable Kalinka.  She is a 6 pound, dark Biewer Terrier from Russia, with a grand championed lineage.  She has big, beautiful, expressive eyes, and that classic babydoll face we love.  Her babies are absolutely stunning!  This little gal is 100% sugar sweetness.  Kalinka love babies, and is such a good little mama.


​This is Wisteria's Miya.  She is a

6 pound, traditionally colored, Russian Yorkshire 

Terrier with a wonderful multi-international, grand championship background lineage. Her babies are just stunning, and we are so blessed to have her here in the United States, as a part of our breeding program.  She is a true snuggle-bug!  




This is Wisteria's precious and playful Karolina.  How I love this internationally, dual registered, Yorkshire Terrier beauty.  Her bloodline comes from a stunning, multi grand-championed Russian background, One look shows you just how truly special she is!

IMG_0210 2.JPG




This is Wisteria's amazing Oakley.  She is a rare, 5 ½ pound,

chocolate-sable parti Yorkie girl.  Her past litter was absolutely stunning, and I am so blessed to have her as a part of my program.

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